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The creators of Soeder, architect Hanna Olzon Åkerström and formulator Johan Olzon Åkerström, started experimenting with soap formulas in their kitchen ten years ago.

Their mission: to disrupt the norm and create something special - an everyday product that not only takes care of the planet but also gives some extra love to your largest organ - the skin.

Together with serial climate entrepreneur Konrad Bergström, they have transformed how soap is made and used by bringing transparency, sustainability, and a personal touch to the skincare world.

At Soeder, we know that more and more people want products that are good for them and the planet. We are leading the charge towards a more sustainable skincare industry, by showing how brands can be successful using totally circular and eco-friendly processes.

We really care about where our ingredients come from, that our processes are in-house and planet-safe, and we ensure that our soap is of the highest quality, which is pretty rare even among high-end brands.

What makes it so special

From our own factory in the heart of Zurich, we control every step of the soap process and every ingredient in our products.

Even our soap-manufacturing energy is reused, powering our production. Our true soap recipe goes way back to a 5000-year-old Babylonian method, so you are getting skincare that is kind to the skin and the planet, without any synthetic petro-chemicals, added preservatives or micro-plastics that you often find in other products.

With SO Natürlich, our mission is to democratize access to sustainable skincare. We believe everyone should be able to afford fantastic products that are beneficial for you and the planet, without compromising on design or quality.

Our SO Natürlich formula features a select few all-natural ingredients – vegetable glycerine, nut oils (coconut, almond, and castor), high quality Swiss Alpine salt, and enhanced with essential oils for fragrance. It’s as simple as that.

What’s more, each SO Natürlich scent is crafted to amplify your every mood:

Feeling adventurous? Try Eucalyptus-infused SO ADVENTURE.

Need to chill? Lavender-scented SO CALM is your buddy.

Ready to seize the day? Tangerine-imbued SO WEEKEND has your back.

Or if you're all about that pure vibe, go for SO ZERO - it's fragrance-free.

So Natürlich's factory, environmentally friendly production facility.
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Embark on a skincare revolution with SO Natürlich, Soeder's visionary new line crafted exclusively for the future trailblazers who champion personal wellness and environmental stewardship.

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Recognizing the skin as the body's largest organ, we're committed to safeguarding it.